STrange Tails

The Story of Strange Tails

Fizzbert, Rufus, and Suzy Curious are elderly feline siblings who live in an antique shop called Curious Objects. Fizzbert and Rufus spend their days napping in overstuffed armchairs, while Suzy tends to the shop, rearranging here, tidying there, cataloguing everything. She's a retired librarian, but old habits die hard. She must constantly wake her brothers up to remind them that snoring is not allowed in the shop. She must also communicate from time to time with their humans, who do a fair job of providing meals, but are lousy at running a shop.


Every once in awhile, Fizzbert and Rufus will awaken, notice an object in the shop, and recall a tale of supernatural adventure and frightful ordeals associated with the object. A ceramic vase could become a genie's lamp, an ornate wardrobe could become a mummy's sarcophagus, or an old gramophone could emit sounds from the dead. Another day, another nap, another chilling mystery in the minds of these cats! While Suzy maintains a more practical attitude than her brothers, she can never resist joining in the storytelling to correct the details. 

The Curious cats have lived somewhere between 1 and 8 lives each (they're lost count), and have travelled to various points in time, so their adventures may span multiple eras. The first uncanny encounter they recall is their run-in with an evil witch named Lady Midnight. She arrives one Halloween night in the 1920s, having escaped from the Land of the Dead, through the Veil, to the Land of the Living. She intends to summon all manner of witches and animals from beyond the grave to take control over the living. The Curious cats must stop her!



Where you can find us

Join us at Rags to Witches (Sunday, October 22, 3 to 6 pm) for the theatrical production Strange Tails: Curiosity Killed the Cat. Can Fizzbert, Rufus, and Suzy outwit the nefarious Lady Midnight - or will she steal all of their 9 lives?

The Curious cats will also appear in a series of books, comics, and animated shorts in the future. Stay tuned for announcements as these developments emerge through the Veil!