The Curious Siblings

The Curious siblings were born with a talent for sniffing out the uncanny. When they were kittens, their mother disappeared under mysterious (some say supernatural) circumstances. Since then, they've been drawn to the unexplained, the indescribable ... the curious

Click the portraits below to learn more about each cat.


Fizzbert Curious

Fizzbert wanted us to tell you that he is undoubtedly the bravest, most sophisticated, most charming gentleman cat in all the land. We suggest you decide for yourself!

Suzy Curious

Suzy—librarian, scholar, valedictorian of her class, and part-time gymnast—is the only reason her brothers are still alive and the town is still standing. Trust us!

Rufus Curious

Rufus is not the smartest, or even the bravest, cat around, but common sense has saved his tail again and again. He may be scared of his own shadow, but he knows when to run from it!